Friday, May 29, 2009

Klamath Settlement

Klamath irrigators and the Klamath tribes announced a tentative agreement on water allocations last week, contingent on approval of restoration projects including removing four hydropower dams on the river. While it is a good step towards dam removal, some environmental groups are concerned that it fails to address water allocation durng low water. In drought stricken 2001 irrigation was priortized over water releases for salmon and an estimated 77,000 salmon and steelhead died as a result of low water, temperature stress and the associated diseases. While this is a hopeful first step for restoring the once mighty runs on the Klamath it is only that. With dam removal tenuous at best, and in the best case scenario many years out we may well see more fish kills before the issue is finally resolved. Here is a link to an article about the issue in the Eureka times standard,

We also had fairly detailed coverage of the Klamath issue in our September 2008 issue, found in our archives at

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