Thursday, April 30, 2009

New dam project on the Siletz River

Polk county in Western Oregon is currently considering building a dam on the Siletz River. The dam would inundate miles of prime Chinook, Coho and Steelhead habitat. The Siletz also supports one of the only native summer runs on the Oregon Coast and the dam project could threaten their already tenuous prospects for survival. You can find information on Oregon Public Broadcasting's website here. Write Polk county officials ASAP and tell them they're dam project is wrong and misguided.

Contact Commissioner Mike Propes and the other Polk County Commissioners, and let them know what you think of damming the most diverse anadromous salmonid river in Oregon.

Mike Propes: &

Tom Ritchey:

Ron Dodge:


Clayton said...
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Clayton said...

It is of my understanding that the proposed dam site is the same site that once was a dam. And the pond it created had a thriving, healthy ecosystem. I'm all for the dam to return if the new construction includes adequate means for the migrating species of fish to travel to and from this (sanctuary) that would be created. Also keep in mind that this dam is supposed to be put in at the very top of the south fork of the river,so this will have little if any negative effect on current spawning areas. I'm all for the return of the dam and the old Valsetz pond!