Thursday, April 2, 2009

HB 5127 reincarnated as HB 1778

Senator Ken Jacobsen's HB 5127 which proposed a reduction in commission size and would weaken the commissions ability to provide unpartisan oversight of our states fish and wildlife management died in committee last week. Jacobsen appears determined to gut the fish and wildlife commission and this bill is behaving like a bit of a three headed hydra. It has resurfaced as HB 1778. Please email all the members of the Senate's Natural Resources, Ocean Recreation committee or call their offices and voice your opposition to the bill.

Sen. Ken Jacobsen
Sen. Kevin Ranker
Sen. Bob Morton
Sen. Karen Fraser
Sen. Jim Hargrove
Sen. Brian Hatfield
Sen. Val Stevens
Sen. Dan Swecker

Additionally, there will be a public hearing regarding the appointment of Miranda Wecker to be the chair of the fish and wildlife commission tomorrow in Olympia. (4/3/2008). The meeting will be held in the J A Cherbery Bldg Hearing Room 2 at 8am. Attendance of this hearing is critical. Mrs. Wecker is a bright, concerned commission member who has the interests of wild fish and game at heart and would bring a throughtful, science based type of leadership which is essential to any recovery effort. Please show her your support by attending this meeting and showing Senator Jacobsen that we will not tolerate these types of political games and witch hunts.

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