Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dylan Tomine's State of the Steelhead

Originally published sometime last year, the Wild Steelhead Coalition commissioned a re-release of Tomine's article and added some beautiful photography by Jeff Bright and others. A good/sad read which thoroughly covers the challenges and opportunities surrounding our wild stocks of steelhead. full article here

Strong Runs Forecasted for the Snake and Columbia

Recent increases in abundance of Columbia River salmon stocks, including critically endangered sockeye salmon stocks are expected to increase further this year due to excellent ocean and passage conditions. See the full coverage on the Columbia Basin Bulletin

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Huge victory for wild salmon and the ESA

The ninth circuit court has upheld a decision by Judge John Coughenour which allows NOAA to distinguish between hatchery and wild stocks for the purpose of ESA listing. See the full coverage at the columbia basin bulletin

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Washington State releases more hatchery fish than all other West Coast states combined

Data found in Kathryn Kostow's latest paper on the risks posed by hatchery programs shows that in Washington State an estimated 280 million hatchery fish are released into the wild annually, this is more than all other West Coast states combined, yet Washington State has arguably the weakest wild stocks of any state with the exception of Idaho. Hatchery fish have proven in many ways to be an inadequate replacement for wild fish lost to habitat degradation and in most cases are probably causing further declines through genetic and ecological interactions with wild fish.